Membership FAQ

How much are my dues?
Fees are based on your requested Membership level. Please refer to Membership levels here.
Where do I view my membership status or that my check for membership renewal has been deposited?
Please log in to your account. Click onto "Members Area" in green navigation bar. Scroll down to "My Membership Info". Click onto "Billing Info".  Your "Membership Status Billing" statement can be viewed here.
I have accepted the membership rules but the website link will not connect me to bill pay option.  
The renewal link to pay invoice is:
If member is not already logged in, they will be prompted to do so. 
How do existing members pay their dues and how much are they? 
There is a 3% charge for a credit card or you can send a check made to Brookwood Hills Club and mail to Brad Donaldson at 294 Camden Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
Renewal link to pay invoice is:
How does the Applicant Pool work?
Currently, there is an Applicant Pool of families not residing within the BWH neighborhood. Based on availability, and in accordance with club by-laws, there are non-resident memberships available for those families living nearby that would like join BWHCC. Complete the Prospective Member Application form below - this places you on the waitlist. Each year (approximately February - April) the board evaluates membership levels and determines how many spaces are available for new applicants.  Waitlist applications are evaluated in order of receipt of application:
When are invitations generally extended?
In terms of timing, invitations are generally extended mid-February and deadline typically is beginning of March each year.
How many Members are accepted each year?
New members are extended offers of membership as existing members resign. For this reason we are unable to estimate the number of available memberships each year. 
Can a non-member join the BWHCC Swim Team?
Per the Club by-laws, swim team members must be a member of the BWHCC.
When are the Dues due?
Payments are due on March 15th.  After March 15th a $100 late fee is assessed. After April 1st unpaid memberships are canceled.  There will be a $250 reinstatement fee for requests April 1-June 1.  After June 1 membership will be permanently dropped.
Additional Provisions:
Any member who resigns or is terminated under any of the provisions of these by-laws and subsequently reapplies for membership, upon approval of the re-application, will be required to pay all fees and dues as outlined without regard to any fees or dues paid in the past. The initiation fee will be set by the Board of Directors, and they may raise or lower the amount as they deem appropriate to the needs of the Club.
If an Applicant Pool applicant declines the invitation to join but wishes to have the application reconsidered at a later date, then the applicant must timely notify the Membership Chair.  This does not guarantee membership in upcoming years.

For complete information on the membership rules and provisions please consult the Club's by-laws.