Application for Residents of Brookwood Hills

RESIDENT Members - Members who reside in BWH Neighborhood
Resident A Members are not required to pay an Application Fee.   If you have any questions please reach out to for inquiries on joining BHCC.
Membership Joining Fees can be accessed here.

There is a 2 step process for Residents of Brookwood Hills:
  1. Please complete the Resident of Brookwood Hills member Application Form Here 

  2. Send link below to your 2 Sponsors for membership.   BHCC requires two (2) letters of recommendation from current BHCC Members. Please ensure that 1 comes from each of the following:
    -- A CURRENT BHCC member and a resident of Brookwood Hills neighborhood (BWH)
    -- EITHER a resident Brookwood Hills neighborhood OR a non-resident of BWH but a BHCC Club member.  
    Please send this link to a current BHCC member (aforementioned above) who will be writing your recommendations.
    All memberships require final Board approval following our receipt of the two letters of recommendation.  Once your membership has been Board approved, you will be invoiced and instructed on the website to pay the Initiation Fee and the Annual Dues to complete your membership and join.